Why People Hate on Network Marketing; Why It Might Be Our Fault and How We Can Fix It.

hy people hate on network marketing, why it might be our fault, and what we can do to fix it

Although the stigma and skepticism around Network Marketing has greatly decreased, it still exists.  And it still exists for some pretty good reasons.  The manner in which Network Marketers conduct business may still contribute to that stigma.  And as ambassadors for this industry, it’s our job to fix it.  Today we’re going to talk about why people hate on network marketing, why it might be our fault, and what we can do to fix it.

This weekend I witnessed that full on Network Marketing hate directly.

Most of you know I’m a triathlete. I’m very passionate about that, and I’m a member of a Facebook group for triathletes. This weekend an MLM rep posted in the group a very spammy message. It was immediately deleted (which it should have been), and I didn’t get a chance to view it.  But it started a conversation when a friend posted something along the lines of, ‘Well thank goodness, that MLM crap was deleted!’  This started an onslaught of comments ridiculing, condemning and making fun of network marketers.

Four Major Reasons Why People Hate on Network Marketing and How to Elevate the Profession

Amid the slew of comments it generated, it brought this question of how messages like these reflect on the entire industry. Why people hate on network marketing because of these spammy people. Although the stigma around marketing has so greatly diminished, as brand ambassadors of the industry, we need to talk about why it happens and how to fix the problem.

1.  You’re Spamming People

Even though I know and you know we have a very best of intentions, we can very easily come across annoying if we’re not doing things the right way.

My #1 piece of advice around this subject is to never ever send an unsolicited link into someone’s private groups.  No one is going to buy your product and all this does is raise resistance.  You’re also running the risk of damaging your company’s reputation by marketing this way.

A second tip is:  Don’t message anyone with an unsolicited link. A couple weeks ago back, I received a message from someone I had never spoken to. She just sent a link to a website.  There was no introduction. I can’t believe that stuff like this is still happening.  I’m all about being direct and getting right to the point, but always find out if your prospect is open to receiving the link before you send it.

A 3rd tip is to never add people to groups without their permission.  This technique may or may not have worked a few years ago, but now people are being added to probably five to ten groups a day. If you’re going to add someone to a group, you’ve got to at least have a conversation to create a mutual understanding of what they’re being added to and why.

Tip 4: Be very selective about who you share which company you’ve partnered with.  You lose the opportunity to connect with people when your prospects google your company name instead of asking you for accurate information.   It can also raise resistance when you’re consistently blasting your company name publicly on social media.  See more about why to stop sharing your company name openly on social media in this blog training.

2.  Your Network Marketing Company Is All You Talk About

Were you a human before Network Marketing?  You STILL can be.  Be your normal self.  Converse with your friends with no agenda.  Talk to them.  LISTEN TO THEM.  It’s funny that this is even a tip, but so many of us get so obsessed with what our company and products can do for people that we want so badly for everyone we care about to experience it.  So we forget how to be human.

If it fits and you have an opportunity to help them, weave the company into conversation naturally But when you’re having a conversation and only thinking about how you’re going to bring up your biz, you’re not listening to them…. and you may lose an opportunity to connect.

3.  They Can’t Dig Your Hype

Let’s face it… Network Marketers have been known to be hype-y.  I will admit when I first got started, I was so amazed by my product experience that I felt like I had to like tell everyone I knew. My advice: Take a deep breath and RELAX.  Connect with people.

Approach people like a real person. My company leaders will often say something that I think is really important here: “the truth is always enough.” There’s never a need to exaggerate it, no matter how excited you may be.

4.  THEY Are Misinformed

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding Network Marketing. TheyThese misconceptions are another reason why people hate on network marketing.

What are some of these misconceptions? How can we overcome that?

#1- People see all the spam that’s going on in social media, and they think that’s what they have to do to be successful with the network marketing. But, that’s totally false.

#2- They need to be doing home parties every night. That’s also not true. That’s probably an old school way to do things.

#3- People thinking that the business model doesn’t work. You see recruiters are recruiting recruiters recruiting recruiters without the understanding that the vast majority of people involved in Network Marketing are simply happy customers.  Sometimes these customers may earn some referral incentives from time to time, but they’re not truly working it as a business.

#4- They have a brother in law who dabbled in network marketing. He has an enormous stockpile of the products just sitting in his garage. He lost interest, and/or quit.  It didn’t work out for him.. But the model doesn’t work like that anymore.  Products are typically shipped right to the customer from the company’s distribution centers. And it’s critical to note that …. Just like with any other business, Network Marketing requires time. It requires work. It requires mindset.

#5- Many people enter into this profession thinking it’s a get rich quick scheme. It’s not that. You have to put in your time to create income.  If you were to open a franchise, would you expect to turn a profit in your first year?  Most likely not. It’s likely to be several years before you expect to turn a profit.

#6- What’s success anyway?  Every person’s definition of success varies greatly.  There are happy products users. They may earn enough money every month to get their products fully paid for. They’re thrilled with that. They aren’t going to events. They are not engaged in training.   They have no interest in the business and that’s OK. This clearly is success for that person, but this person appears NOT be a “success” to someone else who has a desire to earn five – ten thousand dollars a month or more.

You have to understand that people’s levels of effort are going to be totally different.

#7- Another misconception that I recently read in the facebook post’s comment string is that that “99% percent of products are crap.”  Well coming from a consumer of MANY Network Marketing companies aside from my own, I can attest to that being completely inaccurate.  Just foolish and totally short-sighted to make such a claim.  There are so many network marketing companies creating very high-quality products. Through this distribution model, they make their products super affordable for customers. And that’s why this works.

To wrap this up

Regardless of what we do, there will always be people who are going to hate on marketing. Just like any other industry. There are people who hate on teachers. There are people who hate on doctors and there are people who hate on police officers.

And because this industry is more progressive, we have to deal with it frequently.  What we can do is do our best to represent this amazing profession with honor, integrity and coming from a heart of service.

As leaders, we have to make sure that we’re training our teams on these basics.  We have to elevate the industry to give it the respect that it deserves.

I have so much belief in this profession that I don’t care what someone says to me. I know what I’ve been able to bring to the table.  And how I’ve been able to help other people.   I’ve witnessed it right before my eyes.

So, you can tell me all day Network Marketing is a scam, but guess what,… that’s not going to change my perception at all.  It has zero impact on the way I feel, the way I KNOW what I KNOW about this profession and what it’s done for so many people.

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