what will your legacy be

What Will Your Legacy Be?

What will your legacy be?  What legacy you would like to leave behind?

I had something on my heart that I want to talk about, so I shot this video.   Last week we lost my husband Matt’s grandfather.  Today we are going to his funeral. This is not intended to make you sad or bring down your energy in any way, so stick with me here.

He lived ninety six years, going on ninety seven.  He had a beautiful family, and he lived a full and wonderful life.

I was thinking about his legacy and I have know him probably for about twelve or thirteen years or so.  The way I always saw him and the way I’ll always remember him was that he was a man who just radiated gratitude.  He would never complain about the times that we didn’t go visit or that the things that he didn’t have and if you were to bring him something as simple as a piece of paper he would be just so appreciative of it.

He was joyful.  This always struck me about him.

Another thing I always remember is when his wife was nearing the end of her life years ago: how much he loved her, how gentle he was with her when she couldn’t do things on her own, and how deeply he cared.  He was so patient.  That always stuck with me.

He raised beautiful children.  If you know my mother in law, she is the sweetest woman on the planet.  And all of his children are just so amazing all amazing kind people.

So that to me, is his legacy and I’m sure you’d hear so much more from other people who’ve known him longer about his accomplishments. 

What about you?

What will your legacy be?

At the end of your life what do you want people to remember about you?

I know now when I have a tough time, if I’m going through a difficult moment, and I’m not feeling grateful, I can look to him and feel gratitude.  Do you want to be remembered as someone who bitched and complained about every little thing you always had something to say negative about people who didn’t go after your dreams. Who sat behind a desk and missed out on your family.

Do you want to be remembered by someone who work hard who loved hard who fought through adversity who was kind and grateful for every single thing that they had in their lives. Because looking at him I feel like he was a really great example of the legacy I would love to leave one day so I hope this was helpful for you I hope you can apply this in your life this is you know in no way.

Open your eyes to what legacy are we building for our families to eventually look back on will it be a beacon of hope for someone.

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