What Are the 5 Biggest Reasons to Stop Blasting Your Company's Name All Over Social Media- (1)

What Are the 5 Biggest Reasons to Stop Blasting Your Company’s Name All Over Social Media?

What Are the 5 Biggest Reasons to Stop Blasting Your Company's Name All Over Social Media-Social Media offers network marketers exposure. We have this amazing platform where we can easily connect with millions of people. That’s why it’s easy for many of us get carried away. I was there, too. We get so excited that we’ve found something so powerful, and you just want everyone to know about it, right?  But social media has become so incredibly noisy over the past 2-3 years, and spammy methods aren’t nearly as effective as they may have once been.   You could be alienating your followers instead of attracting them to you.

So, why you need to stop blasting your company’s name all over social media?

Here are My 5 Biggest Reasons to Stop Blasting Your Company’s Name and Products on Social Media:

The objective of marketing is to have your target audience responding out to you, right?  You’d like them to reach out to you to gather what they require to make a decision, and ultimately purchase from you if it’s the right fit.

Reason 1: Resistance

When you’re blasting your company’s name all over social media, you appear spammy. That’s when people start resisting your message. Outwardly blasting your agenda creates resistance.  It’s okay to knowingly alienate a particular group if it’s NOT your target audience, but typically method this will alienate the people you intend to attract… and just about everyone.

Remember that the purpose of social media marketing, as Ray Higdon likes to say: is to seek conversation, not conversion.

Reason 2: Eliminates Curiosity

Curiosity is a good thing and will attract people to you.   It doesn’t mean you are hiding something.  When you create curiosity, you are creating an “open loop” that may spur a potential client to contact you. Then you get to help that person.

You can then find out their needs, if you can help, share your story, start a relationship and help them to achieve their goals.

Reason 3: Encourages Independent Research

If you’ve closed the loop and given the “ending of the movie,” your followers have no reason to reach out to you to get access to information.  What are they going to do?  They’re going to do what we all do…  They’ll hop online and type it into Google.  There they’ll find lots of different info…  good, bad, fake, real.  This marketing technique is backfiring on you over and over, and the thing is:  you don’t even know that they were interested and you lose the opportunity to help them.

Sure you may be able to capture some low hanging fruit from time to time.  And you might argue that this method worked maybe even just a few years ago.  But the fact it, social media has become an extremely noisy place and may have become either totally immune to or annoyed by these amateur techniques.

Reason 4:  They Buy, But Not from You

So, what happens when they go to Google, easily search the product you’ve so blatantly vomit all over social media, and find information that moves them towards the sale?  Well, they might go back to social media, try to remember which of their hundreds of friends posted the same graphic photo, happen upon yours, and contact you.  That’d be cool.

But I’d bet, they instead simply click the bright and shiny button to a link they’ve happened upon during their google research.  And now the person who has created that online marketing funnel gets what could have been your sale.


Reason 5:  Brand Yourself Instead of Your Company

Another advantage to my recommendation that many may not consider is the benefit of branding YOU instead of your company.  I know you love your products and your company, but what were to happen if your company decided to choose a different marketing channel?  … if the company goes out of business? …. changes the compensation plan structure? … begins to compromise on certain values that you deem too important to settle on?  What happens then?

You are left in a situation where you’ve built amazing marketing and branding capital for your company, and sadly you’re left to start over from square one.

On the other hand, if you’ve instead invested time and capital into building YOUR brand, if/when the unthinkable happens, your transition into another company or another venture altogether could be quite seamless.

This is a sad scenario to consider for many of us who find us IN network marketing to begin with because of our amazing product experiences, but the fact is that you’re a business owner, and it’s your responsibility to protect your assets.

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