leverage your time

How to Protect and Leverage your Time as a Business Owner

leverage your time

I just finished up a training in my mentor group with Ray Hidgon. Exciting times. We talked a lot about how to protect and leverage your time wisely as a business owner. In the end, we can up with simple, make-sense advice for network marketers to implement in their business.

What’s your most valuable asset?

For a business owner, the most valuable asset is time. It’s not money or our assets. It’s our time. It’s precious to us. That’s why we are very conscious of how we spend our time. And I would advise you the same.

Be mindful of your time. It’s okay to be stingy with your time.

Many of us spend our time without any planning. You might be approaching some things the wrong way. Spending unnecessary time. One of them is prospecting. Let’s talk about it.


How to Approach your Prospect

Prospecting is a crucial part of every network marketer’s business. To survive, we need clients. This may appear harsh but I’ll advise you against spending too much time with your prospects. Avoid long hours on the phone.


I have a plan.

Leverage your Time

If you are spending hours on the phone with a new prospect, you are giving them the impression that all this training and networking is a long process. That’s not helpful for both of you. You are wasting precious time answering the same questions to each new prospect.

Your prospect also gets the impression networking and training is a long process. They might give up thinking it takes too much time. Especially when you are training busy people. For instance, a mom with three kids. It’s not possible for her to talk to you for hours while you answer all her questions. She doesn’t have that much time. You don’t have the amount of time.

Create Duplicatable Resources

Duplicatable Resources are videos, blogs or other such resources that answer questions for your prospects. Instead of answering the same questions again and again, answer them once in a training video. So, when someone asks you those questions, direct them to your videos.  Provide your prospects business training through duplicatable resources.

Prepare videos of questions you expect coming. And when someone asks you a question you feel will be asked by others to come, don’t answer the question. Make a video.

It saves time for your prospect, too. They can come back to the video. Rewind, pause and view it at their pace.

That saves way too much time when you have a team of thousands of people or prospects.

Think about it. You can’t take out the time to talk to every prospect separately.

Empower your Prospect

Give them homework. Let them take responsibility. Push the work to them. Ask them to report back to you when they are done. This way you are gearing them up for success. When they start taking ownership of their work, they get involved and motivated.


Create your system now. This could be a blog, a Youtube channel, or both. Think like a business owner in network marketing. That way you help both yourself and your prospect. You save time. Your prospect takes responsibility.  If you are mindful of your time, you teach your prospect to respect her time. You are setting the precedent for success for both of you.


Did you find this advice useful? Let me know in the comment section. I have tons of advice for network marketers on prospecting. Keep reading!

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