how exactly does my six mile run relate to your home business success

How Exactly Does My Measly Six Mile Run Relate to Your Home Business Success?

What in the world does my measly six-mile run have to do with your home business success?

Back when I was training for the Boston Marathon I recorded this video because I was struck by the parallels between running my home based business and ‘doing the work’ in my networking business.

If you’re an athlete, this will probably make a lot of sense to you.  I talk about how it relates to running, but you can see the similarities in almost any sport you’re involved in.

I’ve often heard that running is a metaphor for life, and I think this is true.  And what’s also true is that running is a metaphor for our home businesses in so many ways.

Back when I recorded this video, I was in the heart of my marathon training.  My coach gave me a schedule every week.  It consisted of one long run that progressively got longer each week, a speed or tempo work out and the rest would be simply six or seven mile runs at a comfortable pace.

But what do you see all us runners posting about?

The Long Runs

The long runs, right?

Maybe the speed work, but typically it’s the long runs.  The 20 milers.


Because they’re impressive.  When we complete a long run, we’re likely pretty darn impressed with ourselves … and while enjoying our runners’ high, shout it from the rooftops to inspire people.

And, you know what?

They do inspire people.  Some people anyway.

They inspire people to get moving, to get their bodies active.

And what else do these long runs do?  They build belief.   When we crush a super long run, we start to believe that we’re capable of doing really hard things.

And in our businesses, these long runs can relates to the breakthroughs that we have. These breakthroughs drive us forward.  Or even our company or generic training events. This is where belief is poured into us. It’s these long runs give us the confidence and courage to pursue those harder tasks, like racing.

The Speed Work

Then you might also see us talking about our speed work.  There’s something magical about being on the track at dawn.  When the sun’s rising, the world is sleeping and you’re sprinting as fast as you can.  Just me?

These sprints relate to running for rank advancements / promotions or when you’re when you’re supporting someone to get to that next level.

The Base Miles

And then we have the days in between.  And those are the six-mile runs or seven mile runs I’m referring to here.   For me and many parent or working runners, we might set our alarms for four thirty-five o’clock in the morning and go out in the dark to get these base miles in.

But even though waking up at 4:30 a.m. is kinda badass, you probably don’t see us posting about them a whole lot.


Well, because they’re not flashy.  They’re not impressive.  They’re less likely to outwardly inspire people to do their own thing, right?

Yet, these runs are super important.

They help our recovery.  They flush out our bodies.  They help flush that oxygen-rich blood through our legs.  They help us heal those micro-tears that we’ve created with the hard work.

Since they help our recovery, they may prevent us from injury. There are many reason that these runs are super important for us. They are an enormous piece of the training puzzle.

How Exactly Does My Measly Six Mile Run Relate to Your Home Business Success?

These runs are “the work.”  It’s the work we put in behind the scenes.  It’s the day to day mundane consistent activity.   It’s the calls, the follow-up, it’s the posting on social media, supporting our clients, the three-way calls.  The non-flashy business activities that ultimately drive our success.

This is what prepares us for the long runs.  It’s what prepares us for those breakthroughs.  It’s what prepares us for that speed work and those short bursts of intense activity.

Are you willing to invest your time in the mundane activities that will propel your home business success?

Are you willing to commit, every single day, to advance your business so can you commit to reaching out to x # of new people every single day?   Can you commit to making x # of social media posts in a non-spammy way, they were the right way? See my other videos for help with that.  Are you willing to commit to pour greatness into x # of people every single day?  What are the daily activities that are required to propel your business?

I hope that was valuable for you.  If it was, feel free to share.

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