Conquering Resistance so that You Can Create the Results You Deserve

Conquering Resistance so that You Can Create the Results You Deserve

So many of us want to do big things and have created a vision of what we want to become.  Yet some of us don’t feel like we are much closer to achieving that vision than we were, say, a year ago.

So what is causing the resistance that’s holding so many of us back?

What is the resistance that’s keeping us from taking action? 

What is the resistance?  Resistance is fear.  And sometimes that fear goes even deeper than the fear of what people think and the fear of failing.

Sometimes the resistance we feel is the fear of success.  Yes, the fear of actually succeeding and what that would mean for us.

I was in a training meeting event and something powerfully came up for me.  Yet I couldn’t identify its cause right away.

After a conversation with a new friend, it dawned on me that as tough as I think I am sometimes, I, too experience this resistance, … this fear.


Resistance: What's holding you back from creating the results you deserve?

One example might be feeling the fear of being able to support partners in achieving their goals.  For example, what if a teammate puts his/her faith in me to lead them to their goals, and I mess it all up?  Since I’ve identified this resistance, this fear, the next step is to consider:  how can I overcome this resistance so that I can be a more effective leader?  For this specific example it was reminding myself that I’m not responsible to create success for someone else.  I can provide action steps, training, encouragement and a duplicable system, but cannot take ownership of someone else’s success or failure.

As so many people have often said …

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. -Susan Jeffers Click To Tweet

I’d love to hear from you.  What resistance are you feeling now and how can you overcome it?

Are you willing to share your experiences?  What are the fears you’ve already overcome, and how that impacted your business and/or life?  Tell me about it in the comments.  I bet your experiences will inspire many.


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